These ‘Pitching Research’ template activities are designed to encourage students to practice reading and interpreting relevant research information and to practice writing content in a clear and concise manner.

The research advisors and mentors can view the exercises as a practical guidance that is simple to implement when introducing their students to the confronting world of scholarly research.

Pitch Sparring

Pitch Sparring exercise involves students collaboratively working on creating a pitching template for a given paper. Students work together and share their ideas on the paper to come to a consensus.

Check out Pitch Sparring page for explanation and resources.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering exercise involves de-constructing an existing paper to fill in the pitching template. This exercise will help young researchers process an enormous amount of literature and extract the most important content of the paper.

Check out Reverse Engineering exercise page for explanation, resources and examples.

Fantasy Pitching

Novice researchers don’t need to read the 50-page long assigned papers and do the reverse pitching exercises to grasp the core concepts of the template. Easy, fast and fun exercise to do  is to create a fantasy pitch on the topic of your imagination.

Check out Fantasy Pitching exercise page for examples and guidance.

Structured Abstract Writing

After completing the PR template, it’s a good idea to also create an abstract, a short 350 word summary of the paper that links all important components of the template.

Check out the abstract template and other resources on Structured Abstract Exercise page.

PR Training Opportunities

To complement the Pitching Research Template Tool and additional applications, Robert Faff [“the Pitch Doctor”] has run  a series of workshops – both seminars and webinars, within Australia and globally.

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The Pitch Doctor has given “Pitching Research” talks at 37 Australian universities and visited almost 40 countries/jurisdictions: USA; Argentina; Mexico; India; Malaysia; Singapore; New Zealand; Fiji; Thailand; Japan; South Korea; China; Indonesia; Ireland; Vietnam; Austria; Scotland; England; Wales; Netherlands; Belgium; France; Spain; Portugal; Croatia; Italy; Serbia; Slovenia; Switzerland; Romania; Hungary; Czech Republic; Poland; Germany; Estonia; Finland; Sweden; Norway; Ireland.


Online webinar sessions with the same content are available when an in-person presentation is not feasible.

To date 8 countries have participated in these webinars: Columbia; Jamaica; Ghana; Pakistan; Kenya; South Africa; Taiwan; Ukraine.

See 2016 Webinar Here

Upcoming events

Type of Event Primary Host Location Date
PR Webinar Still University New York, USA 15 February, 2018 (4 pm. NY time)
PhD Course University of Queensland Brisbane, Australia 3-4 March, 2018
Institute talk Australian Institute of Business Adelaide, Australia 6 March, 2018
University talk University of Western Australia Perth, Australia 8 March, 2018
PhD Course FIRN: University of Technology, Sydney Sydney, Australia 10-11 March, 2018
PhD Symposium Griffith University Business School Brisbane, Australia 14-18 May, 2018
Conference Keynote ANPCONT Joao Pessoa, Brazil 9-12 June, 2018
Conference Keynote European Academy of Management (EURAM) Reykjavik, Iceland 19-21 June, 2018
Pitching Symposium SIRCA, University of Technology Sydney Sydney, Australia July, 2018
HDR & Honours Research Colloquium University of Queensland Business School Brisbane, Australia July, 2018
Conference Keynote World Finance Conference Port Louis, Mauritius 25-27 July, 2018
Conference Keynote 1st International Conference of Social Sciences, Humanities, Economics and Law Padang, Indonesia 5-6 September, 2018
Conference Keynote INFINITI AP conference Sydney, Australia 6-8 December, 2018

I warmly welcome requests for seminars and webinars all over the world. Simply send me a message via the Contact Form and I will be in touch shortly!


Pitching Research competition is a great opportunity for young RHD researchers to test their research idea and get valuable feedback from the panel of judges. The core task of such competition is to fill in the PR template and then pitch it to the audience. Check out YouTube videos below for some examples and inspiration!

List of previous competitions

Event/ Competition Location Date Competition Winner & Pitch Title
1. Pitching Research Symposium LaTrobe University, Melbourne 20 & 21 October, 2014 Luisa Unda: “Board of Directors Characteristics and Credit Union Financial Performance”
2. SIRCA Pitching Symposium, 2015 SIRCA, Sydney 27 February, 2015 Martin Hauptfleisch: “The When and Where of Price Formation. The Intraday Dynamics of Price Discovery”
3. Financial Markets & Corporate Governance Conference Fremantle, Western Australia 9 April, 2015 Marvin Wee: “Managerial remuneration contracts and “gaming” earnings”
4. CIFR Pitch Day UNSW (downtown), Sydney 29 May, 2015 Marvin Wee: “Managerial remuneration contracts and “gaming” earnings”
5. Pitching Stream, Accounting & Management Information Systems conference Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania 10 June, 2015 George-Silviu Cordoș: “A Background for Understanding and Researching Audit Reporting Changes”
6. 8th International Accounting & Finance Doctoral Symposium University of Ljubljana, Slovenia 16 June, 2015 Kirsten Tangaa Nielsen: “Are Mutual Peer Benchmarking Links Between Firms a Signal of Efficient Executive Peer Benchmarking?”
7. AFAANZ 2015 Doctoral Symposium Hobart, Tasmania 3 July, 2015 Amirul Nasir: “Does Auditing Affect Owner-managers’ Decision-making? – Evidence from Different Company Life-cycles”
8. UQAPS Pitching Competition Final University of Queensland, Australia 4 November, 2015 Jon McCullough: “Numerical Simulation of heat Transfer in confined Particle Suspensions: Thermo-rheological Behaviour of Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids”
9. SIRCA Pitching Symposium, 2016 University of Technology Sydney, NSW 26 February, 2016 Giulia Leoni: “Risk management and firm performance: evidence from Australia”
10. WSE Pitching Research Workshop Warsaw School of Economics, Poland 23 March, 2016 Astrid Zakrzewska: “A lot doesn’t mean good, but good means a lot. The Integrated Reporting case”
11. UQ Business School, Honours Pitch Competition 2016 University of Queensland, Australia 26 April, 2016 Sarine Zou: “The Value Relevance of Carbon Risk with Influence from Business Strategy”
12. 9th International Accounting & Finance Doctoral Symposium University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland 14-15 June, 2016 Stacey Beaumont: “An examination of the relation between transparency in executive remuneration disclosure and the cost of equity capital”
13. AFAANZ 2016 Doctoral Symposium Gold Coast, Queensland 1 July, 2016 Jordan Rippy: “Asymmetric investor materiality: The effects of gains, losses, and disclosures”

Sebastian Firk: “Translating promise into reality – Performance implications and antecedents of CFO commitment to Value-based Management (VBM)”

14. UQ Business School Annual Research Colloquium 2016 University of Queensland, Australia 29 July, 2016 Honours Pitch Winner, Jacob Morgan: “CEO Pay-Gap, Gender and Bank Risk-Taking”

PhD “Commerce” Pitch Winner, Mark Bremhorst: “Improving Situation Awareness with Digital Representations”

PhD “Management” Pitch Winner, Nazila Barbakhani: “Usefulness of Psychophysiological Measures in Sustainable Tourism”

15. Scottish BAFA Strathclyde University, Glasgow, Scotland 30 August, 2016 Timm Schmich: “Global Money Supply, the Role of Quantitative Easing, and the Impact on Commodity Prices”

Ayth Al Mubarak: “The Impact of Managerial Characteristics on Cash Holdings”

16. International Multi-Disciplinary Pitching Research Workshop Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi University, India 19 September, 2016 Kanchan Sehrawat: “Women and Finance in contemporary world: Case of Select Indian Cities”

Neha Bhatnagar: “Employability and Skill Gap in India: A study among management graduates”

17. FIRN “Pitch My Research” competition Barossa Valley, South Australia 12 November, 2016 Victoria Clout: “Before the door is closed: Backdoor-listing firms corporate governance and performance”
18. UQAPS 2016 Pitching Research Competition University of Queensland, Australia 28 November, 2016 Shari O’Brien: “Training to enhance neuromuscular control of the ankle in cerebral palsy”
19. ANZAM Doctoral Workshop University of Queensland, Australia 6 December, 2016 Xuefeng Shao: “Diversification or Desynchronicity: An Organisational Portfolio Perspective to Risk Reduction”
20. UQ Business School, Honours Pitch Competition 2017 University of Queensland, Australia 9 May, 2017 Beiqi Lin: “CEO overconfidence and corporate debt maturity”

Asmita Manchha: “Out of Sight, Out of Mind?” The Role of Physical Stressors, Cognitive Appraisal, and Positive Emotions in Employees’ Health”

Matthew Khong: “Advancing management innovation: Synthesizing processes, levels of analysis, and change agents”.

21. Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS) Best Pitching Research Letter 2016 Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania Saphira Rekker: “Converting Planetary Boundaries into Action, a New Approach to meeting Global Greenhouse Gas Targets: A Pitch”, JAMIS, Vol. 15(1), pp. 160-167.

Searat Ali: “Corporate Governance and Stock Liquidity in Australia: A Pitch”, JAMIS, Vol. 15(3), pp. 624-631.

22. Accounting and Management Information Systems conference, 2017 pitching abstract competition Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania 8 June, 2017 Anna Balek-Jaworska: “Determinants of Corporate R&D Activity in Poland: Does the Participation of Scientists on the Board Matter?”

Barbara Grabinska: “Under-reporting of corporate R&R expenditure in Poland”

Maria Sanulescu: “Thematic manipulation in the letters to shareholders of Romanian listed companies”

23. 10th International Accounting & Finance Doctoral Symposium Warsaw School of Economics, Poland 14 June, 2017 Nikolas Feistkorn: “An Application of the Quad-Model of Director’s Monitoring Efficiency”
24. AFAANZ 2017 Doctoral Symposium Adelaide, South Australia 30 June ,2017 Lina Li: “The effect of audit market structure change on audit pricing: Evidence from China”
25. SIRCA Pitching Symposium, 2017 University of Technology Sydney, NSW 21 July, 2017
26. UQ Business School Annual Research Colloquium 2017 University of Queensland, Australia 28 July, 2017 Honours Pitch Winner, Jake Sullivan: “Volatility informed options trading during  US. elections”

PhD “Commerce” Pitch Winner, Saphira Rekker: “Do environmental rating schemes capture climate goals?”

Joint PhD “Management” Pitch Winners, Jo’Anne Langham: “Invisible taxation: fantasy or just good service design?”

& Susanne Knowles: “Coaching culture development in Australian organisations”

27. UQAPS 2017 Pitching Research Competition University of Queensland, Australia 3 November, 2017 Kyna Conn: “Dissecting motivation from decision-making in schizophrenia using animal models”

List of upcoming competitions

Competition Primary Host Location Date
Honours Pitching Competition UQ Business School Brisbane, Australia Feb-April, 2018
Award: Best Pitching Research Letter Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS) Romania Winners announced in June 2018
Conference Abstract Competition Accounting and Management Information Systems (AMIS) conference Bucharest, Romania 14 June, 2018
Doctoral Symposium – Competition 11th International Accounting & Finance Doctoral Symposium (Bangor University, Wales, UK) Bangor, UK 13 June, 2018
Doctoral Symposium – Competition AFAANZ 2018 Doctoral Symposium Auckland, New Zealand 29 June, 2018
HDR Pitching Research Competition University of Queensland Business School Brisbane, Australia May-November, 2018

Seeing Is Believing

If you want to learn more about the format of the pitching competitions and the examples of pitches, check out our Pitching Research Playlist.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or would like to chat about Pitching Research competition in your university, simply send me a message via the Contact Form!

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