Fantasy Pitching

In a time constrained setting, “Fantasy” Pitching challenges teams of novice researchers to use the framework to pitch fictitious research projects, often of a light-hearted nature. Leveraging on peer-to-peer learning, the “fun” side of the exercise facilitates low-stress learning.

Do not overthink  your fantasy scenario – some degree of “fakeness” is inevitable. For example, creation of “fake” key papers or theories (it is a good idea to label them as such).

Just remember, there is no place for fantasies in real research!

Interesting Fantasy Pitches

Here are some examples to give you an idea of what this exercise aims to achieve:

Original Fantasy Pitching paper. Topics: (a) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Impact on Society; (b) Wipe-a-Baby; (c) Quality of Dairy Products: The Happiness of the Cow Does Matter.

Fantasy Pitching II. Topics: (a) Star Wars; (b) Pokemon Go; (c) R&D; and (d) Uber;

Fantasy Pitching III. Topics: (a) “dirty money”; (b) “cashless society”; (c) “digital currency”

Fantasy Pitching IV. Topics: (a) Batman; (b) superpowers; (c) fast food; (d) self-determination; and (e) Donald Duck.