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IGPRC 2023 – Semi Finalists Announced​

This year we received IGPRC2023 entries:

  • Totalling 200+ submissions
  • Involving major co-ordinated national competitions in Vietnam, Malaysia & Indonesia
  • From 20+ different countries

As per the listing shown at the bottom of this section, we are excited to announce the Top Quartile of entries that now comprise the semi-final pool of the IGPRC2023.Congratulations! This is a wonderful achievement!

Please stay tuned for the (planned) announcement of Grand Finalists on 6 December!

Click to reveal semi-finalists

Koutaroh Minami: Network centrality and corporate cash holdings: foreign trade exposure matters (Accounting & Finance – journal category)

Ling Liao: Does Carbon Premium Differ among Estimated, Mandatorily- and Voluntarily-Disclosed Emissions? – a Natural Experiment in Australia (Accounting & Finance – journal category)

Yongcuo Zhaxi: Divergence in ESG preference: bank as the last resort (Accounting & Finance – journal category)

Dewan Rahman: Cross-listing, the legal bonding hypothesis and insider trading (AFAANZ Grants 2023)

Nikki Schonfeldt: Consolidating student understanding using a gamified mobile application (AFAANZ Grants 2023)

Jonathan Karlsen: To be, or not to be: Breaking up cryptocurrency exchange monopolies (AFAANZ Grants 2023)

Josh Nguyen: Predicting Future Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviours in Youth (Australia)

Meizhu Chen: Stereotype threat and gender differences in financial literacy: Evidence from Australian high school students (Australia)

Luca Galati: To fix or not to fix: The representativeness of the WM/R methodology that underpins the FX benchmark rates (Australia)

Muhammad Saleem: Geopolitical risk and firm’s informal financing: International evidence (Australian Journal of Management)

Mainul Islam Labib: Extraction of Clinically Validated Biomarkers of Schizophrenia from propagation of brain activity using a Hyper-Neural Network Model (Bangladesh)

Anam Shahil: How Do Caregivers Feel About Using Telemonitoring to Support High-Risk Pregnant Women? (Canada)

Tingting Tian: Local government debt and SME financing squeeze: Can digitalization save? (China)

Nguyen Huong Giang: How does global value chain participation improve technical efficiency of small-and-medium enterprises? Evidence from Vietnam (EMFT/APAEA Topic – journal category)

Pham Thi Hong Thuy: Orchestra of Change: Building Employee Commitment to Multiple Change Initiatives (France)

Thuy Linh Nguyen: Sustainable Incentive application on Sustainable Supply Chain Collaboration and impact on Sustainability Practice (Germany)

Shan Jin: Carbon disclosure, carbon performance, and cost of debt: evidence from Asia-Pacific region (IFPNZ prize winner)

Ryan Harbi Valdiansyah: The Three Wave of Fintech Era Perspective: Diversification, Discretionary & Stability (Indonesia)

Dr. Dian Widiyati: The Key to Unlocking Team Performance: Empirical Investigation in Indonesia League C (Indonesia)

Ning Donglai: Are insider-dominated boards always bad?: Performance-induced CEO turnover in Japan (Japan)

Andre Poyser: Anatomy of a Scam: The World Financial Scam Survey Project (Journal of Accounting Literature – journal category)

Arif Ahammed: Deceptive Language in Climate-related Disclosures during Conference Calls (Journal of Accounting Literature – journal category)

Faith Njaramba: Abusive supervision and financial performance. The role of grit and gender (Kenya)

Benard Alaka: An Ontology Learning Model for Dysarthria Speech Using Semantic-Situational Projection Analysis (Kenya)

Mohd Iqbal Mohd Nor: Unlocking Opportunities: Fostering Energy efficiency and Carbon Markets in Universities (Malaysia)

Siti Sarah Alyasa Gan: Malaysian IPO Performances and Survival: Impact of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Practices Disclosure (Malaysia)

Farehan Omar: The Role of Personality Peculiarities on Mental Health Using the Job-Demands Resources Model: The Mediating Effect of Job Burnout (Malaysia)

Kilvanee Mootooperian: Assessing the impacts of country risk on FDI in African countries (Mauritius)

Badr-Eddine Lahsini: Measuring the Influence of Management Responses on Travelers’ Subsequent Engagement: A Textual Analysis Perspective (Morocco)

Anas EL Assadi: Gifting the Future: An intertemporal choice model for sustainable consumption (Morocco)

Babatunde A. Olanrewaju: Unpacking the Translation Paradox: Investigating Why Research Yields Success in Some Businesses but Falls Flat in Others (Morocco)

Tan Do: The post-fundraising performance of equity crowdfunding firms: The role of sustainable orientation (New Zealand)

Emmanuel Edache Michael: The Effects of Mandatory ESG Regulations: Developing Countries vs. Developed Countries (New Zealand)

Sajid Iqbal: Nurse-led Culturally Tailored Smoking Cessation Intervention for Patients Visiting a Tertiary Care Hospital in Islamabad, Pakistan (Pakistan)

Hieu Tran: The dynamics of crude oil price and the real estate market in Russia: Big Data Analysis (Russian Federation)

Mesias Alfeus: Wind Energy Derivatives: Modelling for Risk Management and Investment (South Africa & PBFJ – journal category)

Dhinesha Ruwanthi Perera: Framework to Measure and Evaluate Intangible Project Benefits of IT ventures using Fuzzy Logic: Benefit Identification and Realization Approach (Sri Lanka)

Alexander van Slooten: Beyond Tunnel Vision: Does Widening Performance Evaluation Criteria for TMT Incentives Facilitate Organizational Adaptation? (The Netherlands)

Laurence Jones: The role of expectations in dynamic modelling of Bank Behaviour (United Kingdom)

Vu Anh Le: Life Cycle Assessment of Biodegradable Plastics Packaging Subject to Comprehensive Organic Sorting (USA)

Vuong Thi Minh Dieu: The integration of social media in Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) to enhance language students speaking skill (Vietnam)

Nguyen Thi Phuong (team): ChatGPT as a Language Assessment Mediated Tool: Understanding its Capability and Reliability (Vietnam)

Tran Quan: Is Competitiveness the Culprit? Mechanisms Behind Youth’s Facebook Use and Emotional Well-being (Vietnam)

Duong Thi Bich Tram (team): The Integration of Social Media in Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) to Enhance EFL Students’ Speaking Skill (Vietnam)

Gromyko Ngwenya: Conscious Personal Leadership Development: alternative to Life Orientation in South African High Schools (WSU pitch mentoring program)

William Vambe: Improving HIV Care in South Africa Using Technology: Adopting Lessons from Covid-19 (WSU pitch mentoring program)