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September 2021

Founder's Message

Welcome to our 2nd quarterly newsletter… I do hope that everyone around the world is staying safe and well, as we start to see positive signs that we are finally emerging from the dark cloud of COVID…

Much has changed and progressed since our inaugural newsletter. I would particularly like to highlight 3 key areas covered in this newsletter: (1) an exciting new pitching research competition (“IGPRC”); (2) website updates, notably including a new “pitch creator” tool; and (3) new modules & resources, among others… These are truly exciting initiatives in which all members can benefit through active engagement with the InSPiR2eS network!

Also, a quick membership update:

And, a warm welcome to our new VPs…Dr. Syed Shams (VP – Competitions); Dr. Dewan Rahman (VP – Competitions); Assoc. Prof. Hadrian Djajadikerta (VP – Network Pulse); Prof. Sue Wright (VP – Teaching & Learning); Dr David Tan (VP – Tourism & Transportation SIG); & Dr. Hormoz Ahmadi (VP – Entrepreneurship SIG). Your strong and active support is very much appreciated!

Finally, please have a look at my new SSRN paper “Pitching Research®… evolution into a Programmatic Framework … self-reflection and the story so far”, with its novel 3-minute video abstract

Our Mission

InSPiR2eS is a global research network primarily aimed at research training and capacity building, resting on a foundation theme of responsible science.

Global Pitching Research Competition

Building on the immense success & experience in Australia (University of Queensland 2015–2019) and South Asia (Pakistan 2017–18 and Sri Lanka 2021), we are pleased to announce the official launch of a Pitching Research competition in the global arena under the brand name of “InSPiR2eS Global Pitching Research Competition (IGPRC)”.


With generous support across a wide variety of sponsors, most notably our Platinum sponsors, Bond University and Elsevier; IGPRC has a prize pool of $AUD40,000, including $AUD 10,000 for the overall competition winner.

Key Dates

The deadline for final submission of entries is 28 February 2022. The “gala” online Grand Final will be held in May 2022.

IGPRC Country Co-ordinators

Australia; Bangladesh; Belgium; Brazil; China; Ghana; India; Indonesia; Ireland; Japan; Kenya; Malaysia; New Zealand; Pakistan; Poland; Romania; Sri Lanka; UK; Vietnam. We hope to also soon have co-ordinators for France, Portugal, Spain. If you want to become a country co-ordinator, please contact Robert Faff ASAP:

Interested to know more about the competition? (What, Why, How, Who, & When)

Exciting Upgrades to Our Website

For all things pitching … the “one-stop shop” of pitching research. 

Apart from hosting a webpage for the InSPiR2eS research network, the site provides a growing plethora of resources and guidance to aid research training and capacity building, in line with the ethos of the network.

To coincide with the IGPRC, we will soon launch a new online “pitch creator” tool – accessed when you select the “Start Pitching” button … watch this space


The resources section of the website contains an integrated set of learning modules designed to underpin a self-paced/ asynchronous approach to support research training and capacity building. There are seven existing modules:

Exciting New Modules

We are pleased to announce the imminent creation of exciting new modules for the Resources section of website as follows.

Language-Based Modules

To facilitate the research training and capacity building of the researchers from the non-English speaking countries and to have a truly global outreach and impact of our network, we are creating language based modules – development of Vietnamese, Indonesian & Japanese modules are underway and will be coming soon on the Resources section of our website. We hope to develop others including French and Spanish. If you have appropriate linguistic skills and want to get involved in such a project, please contact Robert Faff ASAP:

Discipline-Based Modules

To further enhance research training and capacity building, we are now recruiting members of our network to help create discipline-specific modules for the Resource section of our website. To get things started, A/Prof. Rand Low (VP – Research Mentoring), Dr. Md Akhtaruzzaman (VP – Finance SIG) and Dr. Searat Ali (VP – Communications) are creating a Finance discipline module. The module will have 3 types of resources:

What’s Next?

We also have teams working on accounting and tourism … but other disciplines are very welcome too!

If you would like to lead/be involved in a discipline specific module project in line with your research expertise, please contact Robert Faff ASAP:

Vision of Success

Shark Tank Pitch Event 2021

Following the success of 2019 and 2020 events, A/Prof. Marvin Wee (VP – Shark Tanks) is pleased to announce that InSPiR2eS in collaboration with AFAANZ’s Finance SIG is holding a Shark Tank Pitch Event on Friday, the 10th December 2021. The research teams are invited to propose, either 1) a replication of an important recent finance or capital markets accounting study, or 2) an original research project. The due date for an initial Expression of Interest is 11th October 2021.

Shark Tank Pitch Event is an opportunity to:

Stay Updated

We’ll only email you with important InSPiR2eS updates and upon the release of our quarterly news posts


Pitching Research Spotlight

Dr Marcio Machado

We are pleased to announce that on 1st October 2021, Dr Marcio Machado (VP – South America) will be discussing the use of Pitching Research and promoting InSPiR2eS while delivering a lecture entitled “Communicating research ideas in Management and Accounting” in the doctoral consortium of the 45th ANPAD Annual Meeting – EnANPAD 2021, the largest scientific event in the field of Management in Brazil. We wish Dr Machado the very best for his talk.

Invitation to Join a ‘Sister Network’

GRUDIS Accounting Research Network

The GRUDIS network is a community of researchers in Accounting created in 2001. Its aim is to promote scientific production, the discussion of issues and works in the field of Accounting, and act as a link between researchers. Currently, GRUDIS has more than 200 members, predominantly belonging to universities and institutes, but also members in companies and without an academic affiliation. To learn more about the mission, vision and values of GRUDIS, click here.

Upcoming event:
Grudis Conference and Doctoral Colloquium to be held at the School of Technology and Management (ESTG), Guarda Polytechnic Institute (IPG), Guarda (Portugal), on 21-22 January 2022. The Submission of full papers (due 18 October 2021) is open to members of Grudis Accounting Research Network, of the European Accounting Association (EAA), of Spanish Association of Accounting Professors in Universities, and of InSPiR2eS.

To join GRUDIS Accounting Research Network, contact Dr Aldonio Fernandes Ferreira at or click here.

‘The Replication Network’

Furthering the Practice of Replication in Economics

With 650+ members, The Replication Network [TRN] is organized by Professor Robert Reed at the Department of Economics and Finance University of Canterbury, New Zealand to encourage economists and their journals to publish replications. There are three main benefits of becoming a member of TRN.

  1. Members can post their recent replication research to the TRN website.

  2. Members are invited to post guest blogs on replications.

  3. Members will receive a newsletter once every few months updating them of new content on the TRN website.

To join The Replication Network, contact the Organizing Committee of TRN at: or click here.

InSPiR2eS Network Membership Drive

InSPiR2eS Needs You …!

Our current footprint comprises > 700 members, across 78 countries/jurisdictions: Australia, Pakistan, China, Canada, New Zealand, Vietnam, Brazil, Nigeria, Germany, Indonesia, the Netherlands, England, Kenya, Romania, Poland, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Italy, Spain, India, Scotland, Singapore, Japan; Norway; Ireland; the US; Malaysia; Chile; Turkey; Wales; Serbia; Belgium; Thailand; France; South Africa; Switzerland; Croatia; Czech Republic; Hong Kong; Taiwan; Macau; South Korea; Greece; Ukraine; Ghana; Slovenia; Austria; Cyprus; Uganda; Namibia; Portugal; Tanzania; Fiji; Saudi Arabia; Estonia; Iceland; Egypt; Mongolia; Lithuania; Slovakia; Finland; Sweden; Ecuador; Israel; Hungary; UAE; North Cyprus; Mozambique; Philippines; Nepal; Argentina; Malta; Zimbabwe; Denmark; Jordan, Tunisia, Algeria …

But This Is ONLY The Beginning …

To join InSPiR2eS, register at this Google Docs link

Or in locations where Google is problematic, click here

Already a member?… then please encourage your research friends & colleagues to join … the power of the network derives from its scale and penetration.

IGPRC Country Co-Ordinators

Assoc. Prof. Marvin Wee (Shark Tank) Prof. Ellie Chapple (Shark Tank)
Prof. Tom Smith
Dr. Ihtisham Malik
Dr. Dewan Rahman
Dr. Syed Shams
Prof. Reza Monem (Accounting)
Prof. Yaowen Shan (AFAANZ Grants)

Prof. Md Aminul Haque
Dean, Prof. Sang H. Lee

Prof. Michael Froemmel

Assoc. Prof. Marcio Machado

Prof. Jerry Cao
Dr. Yong Li

Dr. Zangie Ishhaq

Dr. Aviral Kumar Tiwari
Dr. Rachita Gulati

Prof. Etty Murwaningsari
Dr. Nur Wardhani
Assoc. Prof. Mimba

Prof. Brian Lucey

Assoc. Prof. Hideaki Sakawa

Dr. David Mathuva

Dr. Liza Che Yahya

Dr. Muhammad Cheema (Finance) Assoc. Prof. Noor Houqe (Accounting) Assoc. Prof Borhan Bhuiyan (Accounting)

Mr. Imran Qadir

Prof. Anna Karmanska

Prof. Catalin Albu

Dr. Marinela Finta

Prof. Wasantha Perera

Prof. Charlie Cai

Prof. Vinh Vo
Dr. Duc Phan
Assoc. Prof. Binh Bui

Dr. David Tan