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News Flash – April 2022

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Two new papers just out and available on SSRN …

Contribution Matters

With some trepidation I confront an ambitious topic … What is this thing called “contribution” …? In this essay, I strive to provide a workable framework to help guide our thinking on the nature of research contribution that will assist all researchers – and, especially novices – to do a better job at this task. First, I recognise a dichotomy between scholarly vs. non-scholarly contribution. Second, focusing on the scholarly side, I identify a second dichotomy – ex post vs. ex ante perspective of scholarly contribution. Third, focusing on the ex-ante side, I identify yet another dichotomy – “internal” vs. “external” contribution. I discuss alternative ways to characterise internal contribution, versus various different ways in which external contribution can be classified. Finally, I canvass and discuss a range of great feedback I have received on earlier versions of this paper. … I hope you read … I hope you learn … I hope you enjoy!

Vision of Success

Pitching Researcher Profiles

Based on Faff’s (2015, 2021) Pitching Research Framework (PRF), this essay develops a simple framework to efficiently and effectively pitch one’s own research profile. The essay lays out a simple approach upon which there are two key elements. First, I create a cued version of the adapted PRF … the so-called “Research Profile Pitching Framework” [RPPF]. Second, I offer a worked example of the RPPF to illustrate using my own research profile. These elements are presented in two key exhibits and are briefly discussed, thereby enabling other researchers to readily apply the “Research Profile Pitching Framework” [RPPF] to their own situation. The essay concludes by suggesting innovative ways in which the RPPF can be used to actively aid and encourage meaningful research collaboration.