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November 2022

“BE INSPIRED by InSPiR2eS!” … An update on the growing portfolio of active InSPiR2eS initiatives & partner collaborations

BE INSPIRED (1): Pitching Research Matters Micro-credential Course (PRM MC)

In May 2022 a Micro-credential course [MC] was launched through Bond University called “Pitching Research Matters” [PRM]. Here are a few details about this exciting addition to our network resources which significantly leverage our research training and capacity building goals:

All InSPiR2eS members are strongly encouraged to enrol in and complete this course themselves. Additionally, please:

BE INSPIRED (2): PBFJ Certified Novice Reviewer Program

In June 2022, one of the foundational journal partners of InSPiR2eS, namely the Pacific-Basin Finance Journal (PBFJ), launched an innovative program called the “Certified Novice Reviewer Program” (CNRP). The CNRP targets early career researchers (ECR) in finance actively looking to take on the role of “apprentice” reviewer, but struggling to capture the attention of journal editors. Notably, this program leverages off the PRM MC (as discussed above) and offers novice researchers a pathway to gaining visibility, credibility and experience as a reviewer at the Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, following a 3-step process:

Links to: Introducing a “Certified Novice Reviewer Program” … a new initiative at PBFJ

A brief summary of the current program participants is shown below:

Current Program Participants

Congratulations to all for signing up to this innovative program! We look forward to hearing about their reflections on this program in future newsletters.

So, if you are an ECR in finance … if you feel inspired and you are ready to take on the challenge of becoming a novice journal reviewer, please email your EoI without delay to:

Structure of your 1-page EoI:

BE INSPIRED (3): New Pitch Mentoring Initiative – Pilot Program Rollout

In the last several months, Robert Faff has been working closely with several key stakeholders in Africa, Vietnam, India and Sri Lanka to pilot an exciting new pitch mentoring initiative. These satellite programs also leverage off the PRM MC and offer a pathway for star performing novice researchers to receive customised pitch mentoring from relevant expert volunteers drawn from within the InSPiR2eS network. While each pilot program has features idiosyncratic to the given context, the following indicative phased structure characterises the full potential of a successful program:

While all the pilots are still work-in-progress (at Phase 2 or 3), there are early signs of some great potential outcomes downstream. A brief summary of the pilot programs currently underway is shown below.

Pilot Programs

A BIG thank you to all pilot program leaders: Duc; Joseph; Yinka; Wasantha; Athula; Aviral and Geeta!

A common theme across these satellite programs is that they depict a variety of scenarios in which there is growing (and in some cases desperate) under-resourced need for research training support, research guidance and research mentoring. Enter InSPiR2eS …!

To date, the pilot program that is leading the way is at Walter Sisulu University, South Africa … for which we owe a very big thank you to our local champion of this cause, Prof Joseph Akande! Moreover, we are very pleased to announce and congratulate the following cohort of eleven who have successfully completed the PRM MC challenge, Phase 2:

PRM Phase 2 Candidates

These novice scholars are currently busily engaged in the Phase 3 creation of their personal pitches. We look forward to hearing about their reflections on this program in future newsletters.

Here is an early brief reflection from a leader in one of the several pilot programs…

The Walter Sisulu University Research Initiative championed by Prof Faff is a collaborative engagement with the view to stimulate research efforts among young research academics and postgraduate students at the University. Research and innovations are critical components of Walter Sisulu University’s strategic plan. The key drivers of this component are the staff and postgraduate students at the University. In fulfilling that mandate, the University community seeks internal and external engagements to collaborate and partner with leading scholars and institutions.

By fostering international collaboration and partnership through mentoring from leading scholars in various global research fields, including providing a platform for international exposure to participants through certifications and recognition, we hope that this InSPiR2eS initiative will ultimately drive research productivity at the University. This research initiative is thus poised to promote research among emerging young WSU academics and postgraduate students through capacity development by employing training and workshops.

The research initiative was planned for a seven-month cycle to introduce participants to research pitching and mentoring. The process is facilitated in five phases. Phases one and two that deal with pitching research workshop attendance and the completion of the micro-credential course have been completed. Participants are now in the third phase, in which they are required to pitch their personal research and compete for the three slots in stage four, where they will be provided with mentors across the globe. The final phase of the initiative will see the winner of the pitch compete as a Semi-finalist in the InSPiR2eS Global Pitching Research Competition 2023 (IGPRC2023).

We at WSU are excited about the personalised networking and mentoring this initiative brings to the members of staff and postgraduate students at the University. We owe a debt of gratitude to the Postgraduate directorate via the research and innovation office for providing the platform to mobilise participation. The participants already at the third phase are already relishing the value addition their experience on the initiatives affords them given the quality material and exposure it brings. While this inaugural edition of the initiative is expected to end in February 2023; hopefully, another cohort will be enrolled for the next cycle.

I would like to thank Professor Faff for his personal guidance and the opportunity to present our research work on a global stage and take this opportunity to thank the judges for selecting me as a grand finalist. I would also like to thank my supervisors Dr. Nilakshi Galahitiyawa and Dr. Ajantha Dharmasiri of the Post Graduate Institute of Management, University of Sri Jayewardenepura for their support and guidance.”

If you are inspired by the pitch mentor program (as described above) and you feel that you have a similar scenario in which your group of novice and emerging research scholars operate in a major research support “deficit” situation … then please reach out to explore whether we can add your group as additional pilot program. To be viable, you should be thinking of a scenario in which there will be at least 20 active likely participants in the program. In the first instance, please email an Expression of Interest to the InSPiR2eS President, Robert Faff:

Structure of your 1-page EoI:

BE INSPIRED (4): PBFJ Responsible Science-inspired “Pre-registration” Publication Initiative

Just this month, in another initiative by our journal partner the Pacific-Basin Finance Journal (PBFJ), PBFJ have launched an exciting and highly innovative pre-registered studies publication paradigm. This trail-blazing initiative is fully inspired by the principles of “responsible science”, in which a pre-registration process focuses on accepting proposed projects based on great ideas, from highly capable expert research teams who will employ frontier techniques that deliver credible and reliable knowledge. In other words, acceptance occurs prior to data collection or analysis. Through this pre-registration initiative, PBFJ is especially interested in advancing knowledge relevant and useful, not just within, but also beyond the academy.

To gain full background to this initiative, InSPiR2eS members are strongly encouraged to learn more by reading the PBFJ Editorial, Faff (2022), available by clicking the button below. The editorial sets out a 4-phase process for achieving a pre-registered study publication at PBFJ. Why not take the plunge?

BE INSPIRED (5): IGPRC 2023 …coming soon

We are slowly working on plans for a follow-up competition to the inaugural IGPRC edition that concluded in June 2022. To this end, our initial plan is:

WATCH THIS SPACE: We will share further information and details about IGPRC2023 in our December Newsletter and then intermittently throughout 2023. Do you have thoughts, feedback or suggestions around our plan for IGPRC2022? Submit them below

BE INSPIRED (6): SSRN Paper - Hot Off The Press

Pitching Research® … Working Title Matters!

HOT OFF THE PRESS …  latest SSRN working paper on creating an effective working title for your prospective research study. Access the paper here:

Abstract: Faff’s (2015; 2021) “Pitching Research” framework (PRF) is built on a research planning tool that challenges (novice) researchers to productively communicate their prospective research ideas to academic field experts. The framework gives you a total communication budget of 1,000 words ± 20%, to be allocated across 11 items. The current paper focuses on the first listed item in the PRF, (A) Working Title. Informed by an extensive personal research career together with insights gleaned from the latest relevant literature, I give practical guidance and tips on how to create an effective working title. [BTW: if you don’t like my chosen working title, then try these two alternatives: “Your working title is important: Some tips and tricks for novice researchers” or, more simply: “Working Title Matters”.]