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News Flash – IGPRC 2022 Semi Finalists

IGPRC-22 Semi Finalists Announced

On behalf of the InSPiR2eS network, I am very excited to announce the semi-final winners of the IGPRC2022, as per the table below. 

Congratulations to all winners! I am particularly pleased to report that:

Over the coming week, we will decide on which of the semi-finalists will progress through to the Grand Final (of 6) … the plan is to notify you of this decision by early May. 

Our Mission

InSPiR2eS is a global research network primarily aimed at research training and capacity building, resting on a foundation theme of responsible science.

Summary of Semi-Finalists

The Role of Fraud in Trade Based Money Laundering (TBML)

Category: Fraud

Public perception of corporate ESG performance and stock price crash risk

Category: Australia

Do firms overpromise on their CSR commitments in IPO?

Category: AFAANZ Grants

Insider Investment Horizon: Evidence from Australia

Category: AFAANZ Shark Tank

A new approach to study the determinants of overpayment in M&A deals

Category: AFAANZ Shark Tank

Corporate Modern Slavery Disclosure in the Emerging South Asian Countries

Category: Bangladesh

The Carrot, the stick or both?! Incentive contracts effects on whistleblowing intentions

Category: Best PhD

Why do pilot telemonitoring programs fail? Successful scale-up and integration require an understanding of the complexity associated with the implementation of a new telemonitoring program to support pregnant women at high risk for pre-eclampsia.

Category: Best ECR

Corporate governance networks and financial performance

Category: FMCG

ESG performance, bankruptcy law & corporate risk: Evidence from India

Category: Rest of World

Does Information Asymmetry Influence Cost of Capital in the Pandemic Situation?

Category: Indonesia

Foreign shareholders and corporate innovations: Evidence from Japanese Keiretsu

Category: Japan Shark Tank

Does stock liquidity matter on cash holdings in Japan?

Category: Japan Shark Tank

Feedback loops in industry trade networks and the momentum profits in Japan

Category: Best Replication

The mediating role of psychological capital of employees on the relationship between transformational leadership style (TL) and organizational resilience among SMEs in Kenya

Category: Africa

Moving Towards Sustainability: The Influence of Consumer-Initiated Movements in Reducing Resistance

Category: Malaysia

The real influence of the Treaty of Waitangi on government policy and the constitution

Category: New Zealand

The real influence of the Treaty of Waitangi on government policy and the constitution

Category: Best Indig - NZ

Performance of Sustainable Investments: An Analysis of Green Bonds

Category: Sustainable Finance - INFINZ

Evaluation of Skin AGEs (Advanced Glycation End-Products) as Diabetic Nephropathy Biosignature

Category: Pakistan

Investigating Final Year Undergraduates’ Career Self-Management Process During Education-to-Work Transition

Category: Sri Lanka

Constructing a Configuration Framework of Blockchain Adoption into Various Financial Ecosystems

Category: Rest of World

Stakeholder pressures on food and grocery retailers' commitment to sustainable packaging practices

Category: Vietnam

Effects of instructors’ motivating language on learner outcomes mediated by academic stress

Category: Best UG

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