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Robert Faff

Professor Robert Faff is Professorial Fellow at Bond University and Emeritus Professor of Finance at the UQ Business School. He is currently Vice-President of EIASM and served as BARDsNet Chair, 2016- 2017. He has an international reputation in empirical finance research: securing 14 Australian Research Council grants (funding exceeding $4 million); 340+ refereed journal publications – 42 x A* (ABDC); career citations 17,400+ (Google Scholar); and a h- index of 65.

His particular passion is nurturing the career trajectories of early career researchers. Robert has supervised almost 50 PhD students to successful completion and examined more than 50 PhD dissertations.

Building on a 40-year academic career, his signature focus is “Pitching Research” [], with worldwide penetration signalled by: (a) 18,500+ SSRN downloads; (b) 300+ pitching talks/events; (c) at 37 Australian universities; and (d) spanning 54 different countries. In addition, Robert is Editor-in- Chief of Pacific-Basin Finance Journal; formerly: Editor of Accounting and Finance (2002-2011) and Associate Editor of several other leading journals including Abacus and Australian Journal of Management.

Our Mission

InSPiR2eS is a global research network primarily aimed at research training and capacity building, resting on a foundation theme of responsible science.

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Mr Vishal Mehrotra is VP – Marketing Strategy

Assoc. Prof. Emma Schultz is VP – Replications

Dr Victoria Clout is VP – Communications (Soc. Media) 

Assoc. Prof. Rand Low is VP – Research Mentoring 

Bogdan Ratiu is VP – Technical Innovation 

Professor Steve Stern is VP – Data 

Professor Martina Linnenluecke is VP – Systematic Reviews 

Dr Janine Lay is VP – Research Translation 

Dr Carol Bond is VP – Indigenous Research Training 

Dr Tim Pullen is VP – Impact Investing 

Assoc. Prof. Yong Li is VP – Membership – China 

Professor Agyenim Boateng is VP – Course Materials

Dr Md Akhtaruzzaman is VP – Finance SIG 

Vision of Success

Pitching Research Spotlight

Building on the great success at The University of Queensland 2015-2019, and in Pakistan in 2017-18, the Pitching Research Competition has now made its way to Sri Lanka with the successful initiative by Professor Wasantha Perera (1st picture), Professor Athula Manawaduge (2nd picture) and Mr. Kithsiri Amaratunga (3rd picture) in the Faculty of Management, Social Sciences and Humanities (FMSH) at General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University (KDU). The competition was launched on 9th February 2021 with the inaugural speech delivered by Professor Robert Faff.

The competition was open to undergraduate students enrolled in the research methodology course, requiring students to develop their research proposal as one of the assessment items. The competition also aimed to help create a quality research culture and an increasing research awareness among undergraduates and encouraging them towards generating publishable research outputs focusing on solutions for contemporary problems. A total of 40 groups (with 3-4 student members in each group) submitted the completed pitch during the period from 1st March to 6th April 2021. Out of 40 submissions, a panel of judges shortlisted 19 submissions meeting the basic requirements of the competition. This group of 19 were then forwarded to the academics having similar research interests to evaluate the scripts by adhering to a pitching research framework rubric. Based on the marks given by the subject experts, 10 groups were selected and then examined by a panel for a semi-final round which was held on 27th April 2021.

The Grand Final comprised 5 groups and was successfully concluded on the 10th May 2021 signifying a remarkable day in the KDU history and as well as in the history of Sri Lankan Universities as the debut pitching research competition. The winning group was awarded a trophy, based on the combined quality of their written pitch and their oral pitch presentation. We warmly congratulate the winners and organizers of this highly successful inaugural event in Sri Lanka. Click here to read more information

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Special Project – ‘A Survey of PhD Supervision Policies’

It is generally recognised that a PhD is a necessary initial qualification for an academic career. The research training inherent in a PhD program equips a student for a subsequent research career; the degree is the “apprenticeship” of academics. In this context, this special project will draw on existing PhD policy documents in a representative set of global universities and the relevant academic literature to provide evidence on the following questions.

  1. What can a candidate expect from a supervisor?
  2. What are the candidate’s obligations? What are the supervisor’s obligations? What rights, if any, does a supervisor have to the intellectual property inherent in PhD research?
  3. How much coursework should there be in a PhD?
  4. What are the obligations of the degree-granting institution in PhD degrees?

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Sister Network – ‘The Replication Network’

Furthering the Practice of Replication in Economics

With 650+ members, The Replication Network [TRN] is organized by Professor Robert Reed at the Department of Economics and Finance University of Canterbury, New Zealand to encourage economists and their journals to publish replications – REED: The State of Replications in Economics – A 2020 Review (Part 1)

There are three main benefits of becoming a member of TRN.

  1. Members can post their recent replication research to the TRN website.
  2. Members are invited to post guest blogs on replications.
  3. Members will receive a newsletter once every few months updating them of new content on the TRN website.

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Our current footprint comprises > 700 members, across 78 countries/jurisdictions: Australia, Pakistan, China, Canada, New Zealand, Vietnam, Brazil, Nigeria, Germany, Indonesia, the Netherlands, England, Kenya, Romania, Poland, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Italy, Spain, India, Scotland, Singapore, Japan; Norway; Ireland; the US; Malaysia; Chile; Turkey; Wales; Serbia; Belgium; Thailand; France; South Africa; Switzerland; Croatia; Czech Republic; Hong Kong; Taiwan; Macau; South Korea; Greece; Ukraine; Ghana; Slovenia; Austria; Cyprus; Uganda; Namibia; Portugal; Tanzania; Fiji; Saudi Arabia; Estonia; Iceland; Egypt; Mongolia; Lithuania; Slovakia; Finland; Sweden; Ecuador; Israel; Hungary; UAE; North Cyprus; Mozambique; Philippines; Nepal; Argentina; Malta; Zimbabwe; Denmark; Jordan, Tunisia, Algeria …

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Apart from hosting a webpage for the InSPiR2eS research network, the site provides a growing plethora of resources and guidance to aid research training and capacity building, in line with the ethos of the network. [Please note that the website has only recently been re-launched and is continually under significant development, so be sure to revisit it regularly!]