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2024 China-based Competition Launch

We are very pleased to announce that a China-based Pitching Research competition for 2024 will open on 10 March. This national competition, hosted by the Center for Research of China’s Capital Markets and Policies at UIBE, is being run in conjunction with the IGPRC2024. Notably, the China-based winner will qualify for the “gold-medal” round of the IGPRC2024 (and subject to quality and numbers, several runner-up winners will also enter the IGPRC2024 “gold medal” round). Interested Chinese-based scholars can find full details about this exciting opportunity by clicking here

English Translation

For English speaking users of the Pitching Research website, a translation of the linked web page has been provided below. Please note, the accuracy of the translation has not been confirmed by a native Mandarin speaker.

2024 National College Student Pitching Research Academic Research Program Competition
April 2024 School of Finance, University of International Business and Economics


School of Finance, China University of International Business and Economics, China Capital Market and Policy Research Center, University of International Business and Economics InSPiR2eS Centre for Responsible Science, Australia

I. Background of the competition

In order to meet the development requirements of the times, effectively promote scientific research and education, create high-quality, innovative and international senior financial professionals, encourage students to deeply explore hot issues in the field of finance, promote academic research and innovation, stimulate academic research interest, cultivate innovative thinking and ability, and at the same time, for national college students It provides a platform for exchange and interaction, advocates academic exchange, cooperation and sharing, strengthens academic links between universities, improves professional quality and practical ability, and lays a solid foundation for future academic research and career development. China School of Finance of the University of International Business and Economics, China Capital Market and Policy of the University of International Business and Economics and the University of Foreign Business and Economics. The research center and the Australian InSPiR2eS Centre for Responsible Science will jointly hold a thesis research plan competition in April 2024, which will provide a platform for college students across the country to show their research capabilities and share academic achievements. .

II. Participants

This competition is for undergraduate, master’s and doctoral students in colleges and universities across the country. Each research plan is signed by one author, and each participant is limited to one research plan. Participants should abide by academic integrity, prevent plagiarism and plagiarism, and ensure the originality and academic ethics of the paper.

III. Competition format and requirements

  1. This competition provides free learning videos of research plan writing.
  2. Submit a research plan of no more than 1 page and no more than 1,000 words;
  3. This competition needs to adopt the Pitching Research Template designed by Professor Robert Faff and submit the Chinese and English versions at the same time.
  4. For learning videos and competition templates, please see the “Learning Video” column on the left.

IV. Competition process

  1. Submission stage: From March 10 to April 15, participants will send their identity certificates, research schedules, and screenshots of payment to: Email subject name: “School + Name + 2024 Research Plan Competition”. The registration fee for this competition is 300 yuan. The payment method is to scan the QR code. For the QR code, please see the “Pay the Entry Fee” column on the left.
  2. Review stage: From May 1st to May 31st, the jury will be reviewed by the organizer and the hired experts.
  3. Results released: On June 1, the jury released the scoring information on the website as soon as possible according to the scoring rules and announced the selected research plan.
  4. Exhibition stage: The organizing committee will invite 10 outstanding participants to participate in the 2024 International Capital Market and Responsible Science Forum, and decide the special and first prize winners through the presentation of the report.

VIncentive measures

The competition will select the winners according to the quality of the entries and provide colorful rewards to stimulate the enthusiasm of students to participate in the competition:

  1. Certificates and honors: Award certificates are issued to recognize the winner’s outstanding performance in the field of academic research, and provide strong support for the accumulation of personal honors.
  2. Opportunities to participate in academic conferences: Provide the outstanding participants selected in the finals with the opportunity to participate in the 2024 International Capital Market and Responsible Science Forum, exchange and share research results with domestic and foreign professionals, and promote academic exchanges and cooperation.
  3. Academic journal publication opportunities: Excellent works have the opportunity to be recommended to the cooperative academic journal Pacific-basin Finance Journal, shortening the publication cycle and improving academic level.
  4. Industry internship opportunities: Cooperate with the financial industry to provide industry internship opportunities for winners, improve practical ability, and accumulate experience for future career development.

VI. Precautions

Entries must be original, plagiarism and plagiarism are strictly prohibited, and will be disqualified once found;
Participating students should ensure academic integrity during the competition and abide by the rules of the competition.
This competition is a platform for showing self, exercising ability, and exchanging learning. We look forward to the active participation of the majority of students!
School of Finance, China University of International Business and Economics
March 1, 2024


School of Finance, China University of International Business and Economics

In 1987, nine boards of directors, including the People’s Bank of China, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the Agricultural Bank of China, the Bank of China, the Bank of China, the People’s Construction Bank of China (now the China Construction Bank), the Bank of Communications, China International Trust and Investment Corporation, Everbright Financial Company and the People’s Insurance Company of China, jointly funded the “China Finance” The college officially began enrollment. The dean is Professor Liu Hongru, the former vice president of the People’s Bank of China and the first chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission. In June 2000, the former University of International Business and Economics and the former China Institute of Finance merged to form a new University of International Business and Economics. In March of the following year, the School of Finance of the University of International Business and Economics was established on the basis of the former Department of Finance, the Department of Business Administration and the Department of International Economics of the China Institute of Finance. The college adheres to the characteristics of the two schools, has a strong degree of specialization and a high degree of internationalization, and maintains extensive and close contact with the financial industry. On November 25, 2023, after the school’s research and solicitation of the opinions of the relevant departments and bureaus of the Ministry of Education, the college was officially renamed “China School of Finance, University of International Business and Economics”. Continue to strive for the construction goal of “a top domestic, world-renowned financial discipline teaching and scientific research base with important influence and distinctive school characteristics at home and abroad”.

China Capital Market and Policy Research Center, University of International Business and Economics

The China Capital Market and Policy Research Center of the University of International Business and Economics was established in 2022. It has 8 core research members. The current center is director of Professor Yu Mei of the China Institute of Finance. The center mainly focuses on hot issues related to China’s capital market. The main research directions of the team members include: capital market with Chinese characteristics, institutional open capital market research, international financial research, financial options research, microstructure research of China’s capital market, and China’s green finance research. The team members have published a number of high-level research papers in international and domestic core journals, including Journal of International Business and Studies, Journal of Banking and Finance, Review of Finance, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Journal of Machine Le arning Research, Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institu tions and Money, European Journal of Operational Research, Managing the World, Financial Research, Quantitative Economic Technology Research, System Engineering Theory and Practice. The team members also undertook national provincial and ministerial-level projects, major projects in Beijing and a number of horizontal projects.

At present, the center regularly holds one international conference, two national student competitions and many academic lectures every year, inviting senior experts and scholars at home and abroad for academic exchanges and sharing. At the same time, the members of the center actively participate in social activities, participate in media interviews, education activities, etc., and have in-depth exchanges with colleagues at home and abroad. At the same time, members of the center also write relevant manuscripts for the news media and periodicals, and provide the public with professional interpretations and views on finance and policy.

InSPiR2eS Centre for Responsible Science, Australia

InSPiR2eS Responsible Science Center (IC4RS) provides a virtual platform for researchers to promote and participate in the principles and practices of responsible science. The main vision and goal of IC4RS is to provide researchers with a favorable environment, motivation and motivation to provide credible, relevant and independent high-quality research. In addition, the basic vision of IC4RS is to serve remote and resource-deficient areas around the world on a large scale, where research training and capacity-building in line with the principles of responsible science are urgently needed.