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Effective Supervision for Research Mentors (New PRF Module)

We are excited to introduce the latest addition to our set of educational resources: Module 8 – Effective Supervision

This module is specifically crafted for research supervisors, trainers, and instructors who are keen to leverage the full potential of the Pitching Research Framework (PRF) in their mentoring roles. By engaging with this module, you will gain valuable insights into the roles and responsibilities of a research supervisor, as well as how to enhance the supervision process and research outcomes of your students. Here’s what you can look forward to through this self-paced learning tool:

  • Understanding the Supervisor’s Role: Grasp the essential duties and responsibilities involved in using the PRF to boost supervision quality and research results.
  • Integrating PRF in Supervisory Practices: Learn how to seamlessly incorporate the PRF into your supervisory approach, enhancing critical thinking and independent research skills among your students.
  • Tailoring Effective Mentorship: Develop your ability to provide customised feedback and guidance, meeting the unique learning needs and research goals of each student.

We invite all mentors looking for innovative ways to enhance their effectiveness to explore Module 8 and other resources available on our platform. It’s an excellent way to refine your approach and ensure your students are not just following but leading in their research journeys.