Engagement & Impact Library


Research Commercialisation

Using Lean LaunchPad for Researchers to Maximise Research Impact

Tim Kastelle

International Finance

Internationalisation of the Renminbi (RMB): Opportunities and Implications for Australian Financial Markets

Kathy Walsh

Business Model Evolution

Optimisation of Tenancy Mix in Retail Shopping Centres (Malls)

Mark Brosnan


Technology Impeded Knowledge Acquisition and Retention: The effects of long-term use of intelligent decision aids (IDAs) on auditor professional knowledge

Micheal Axelsen


Causes and consequences of work-related psychosocial risk exposure: A comparative investigation of lawyer and non-lawyer professionals

Rebecca Michalak


Understanding the eco-system of a large-scale fitness online brand community

Daniela Berg


Survival Analysis Applications for Hospital Readmissions

James Todd

Risk Management

Data-Driven Operational Risk Management Framework

Nikki Cornwell