Pitching Research MicroCredential


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Pitching Research MicroCredential

The Pitching Research Matters Course has been designed for research-enabled or new and novice researchers seeking a robust strategy to kick-start research planning. Feeling frustrated, lost or even over-whelmed at the beginning of a research journey? Then this course is definitely for you!

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The Pitching Research Matters MicroCredential course is ideal for you if you are currently a research-enabled student of “research process” or if you are a novice researcher frustrated, lost or even over-whelmed at the beginning of your research journey. More generally, if you are looking for a robust strategy to kick-start your research planning, then this course is definitely for you! As a novice researcher, it is time-critical that you become able to effectively communicate your research ideas in a clear and succinct manner. Among other things, this skill of research communication is necessary condition for you to receive timely expert guidance and critical feedback. This course helps to facilitate foundational understanding of that communication process by providing a simple yet comprehensive framework, operationalized via a “pitching” template. The simple “magic” of this style of pitching your research comes from building your confidence and empowering you to start a meaningful conversation with an experienced research mentor. In this course, you will explore the core building blocks of an effective research pitch that is part of responsible science. By the end of this course, you will understand the various broad types of pitching and how the template is a fully versatile tool that suits different contexts and any stage of research. 

Professor Robert Faff has a particular passion for nurturing the career trajectories of early career researchers. Given Robert has supervised almost 50 PhD students to successful completion and examined more than 50 PhD dissertations, he is an expert in guiding novice researchers. Building on a 40-year academic career, his signature focus is “Pitching Research”. This course is designed to be entirely self-paced, and has been designed for learners with basic knowledge of what constitutes scholarly research. It will take approximately 10 hours to complete, which you can access for 90 days from the date of registration.


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